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About Us
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The PebbleCreek Irish American Club was founded on April 2007 by the club’s first President, John Cronin. He and his wife Peggy emigrated to the US from Ireland.

Our members come from all generations, backgrounds, and interests. While many of our members have an Irish relative in their family tree, others simply have an interest in things that are Irish. Our motto is that our club is for those who are Irish and those who wish they were!

The Club is operated exclusively for social, educational, and charitable purposes and provides an opportunity for people residing in PebbleCreek to meet in a social atmosphere for the common purpose of promoting an interest in Irish culture. Our club prides itself on its three pillars: Social, Charity and Educational/Culture.

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Charitable Contributions

The PebbleCreek Irish American Club has a commitment to help our community thrive and grow. Our charitable giving began early on in the clubs inception with home hosted dinners where members supplied food and cash donations for the Agua Fria food bank. In 2009 we held our first charitable golf tournament. Over the history of our club we have surpassed six figures in charitable giving to local non-profits and Millennium High School Scholarships.



Social Events & Gatherings

We hold several social opportunities designed to help our club members get to know each other. Our social events include the Emerald Ball, our signature formal event that began in 2008, usually held on St. Patrick’s Day. Our Farewell till Fall party in May is focused on our volunteers and thanking members who have helped throughout the year! In November, we hold our Welcome Back Party, which is designed as a way for our members to reconnect after the summer break. It’s the Irish way of having a bit of fun while getting to know each other better. Finally, we end the year with our Holly Christmas Ball where our members can dress up in their holiday finery, eat, drink and be merry.

In addition to the club’s organized events, we hold small social gatherings at members’ homes called Hooleys! These gatherings were created to allow newer members a chance to socialize and get to know other club members. We also have Pub Lunches and dinners.

Our monthly meetings offer another opportunity to connect with other club members socially. At each meeting, we have ‘befores’ and ‘afters’, which is a time to have a beverage and chat with other club members.


Irish Culture is an important pillar in our club. Several of our monthly meetings feature educational presentations, which focus on Irish tradition, culture, and history. Some of these meetings host Irish entertainment as well. Educational opportunities in the past have included a trip to Ireland, trips to see RiverDance and tours of the Irish Cultural Center.